Infographics Infographics | August 17, 2015

Wimbledon – Advertising at the Championship

Did you know how many slices of pizza were eaten at Wimbledon 2014? Or how many cups of tea were consumed despite the hot weather?

The answer is 22,000 slices of pizza, and 300,000 cups of tea!

Savvy sports marketers are using data-management platforms (DMPs) to deliver a personalized creative with specific messaging and offers best suited to each consumer.

But despite being one of the world’s foremost sporting events, Wimbledon have had an uneasy relationship with advertisers. Standard ad boards have not been allowed within the stadium ground. And advertisers have had to find creative ways to capitalize on the event’s popularity.

With Wimbledon season well under way, Media iQ shares some fun and interesting insights about Wimbledon over the years.

To view our insights, check our infographic below to learn more!



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