Insights Insights, Thought leadership | October 25, 2017

Why Data-Driven Creative Matters

Did you know that animated creatives have a 3.5x higher conversion rate than static creatives on a desktop, while on mobile web, static creatives have a better conversion rate – 1.8x higher than animated. Or that creatives that have a dominant darker color work well for brand awareness campaigns with a CTR that’s nearly 2.2x higher than creatives that have a lighter color.

Creative remains central to how consumers respond to an ad, whether it’s the appropriateness of the text, placement of the logo, images, interactivity, or call-to-action. Implementing a robust and data-driven DCO solution can enable brands to optimize their campaigns such that it goes beyond retargeting. For example, marketers will be able to tailor their ads to real-world signals such as sports events (ads that display real-time match scores), weather, and social trends. They will also be able to customize their ad’s creative to a user’s personality. Data-driven creative will soon become the norm and by incorporating the right data sets and creative aspects, marketers will be able to successfully increase campaign performance.

Why Data Driven Creative Matters

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