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Who’s the Front Runner? Canadian Election Special

Twitter is abuzz with chatter among young Canadians on the 2015 elections.  Conservative candidate Stephen Harper and Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau seem to be surging ahead of the rest with high positive sentiments, but the final verdict on which party will win the  race is yet to be seen.

Our analysts at Media iQ decided to see how these parties and candidates fared on social media, by using our social intelligence engine to analyze which candidate scored a higher positive sentiment and which party gained more tweet volume.  

CN Newsletter-02

CN Newsletter-05 Though the NDP has a higher tweet volume than the Liberals and Conservatives, the tweet volume for Liberals increased by 24% post October 9th. In terms of social media sentiment, the Liberal party has scored a greater positive sentiment than the rest.

CN Newsletter-06When we analyzed Twitter activity with regards to geos, we found that Vancouver had lower social activity, tweet volumes or shares for Liberals as compared to Hamilton. However Vancouver showed high tweet volumes for other parties.

CN Newsletter-07Among the federal leaders, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is the most talked about in all election-related conversations, followed by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.



CN Newsletter-04CN_Election Graphs_v2

The elections are on 19th October, and we just have to wait and watch how the social media trend will change for each candidate, and which party will rise above the rest.


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