Advertising Technology Advertising Technology, Infographics, Insights | February 2, 2016

When is the best day to book travel?

At Media iQ, we have found the answer to whether there is a best time to book a flight and if the day you book matters.

You might have your travel enthusiast friends suggest making bookings at 9 am in the morning for the cheapest flights or suggesting you don’t book over the weekends to avoid booking the most expensive flights!

Does the day of the week you book your flight really matter? Do travel enthusiasts most actively tweet about airline booking on a certain day?

We analysed social data, audience attributes and browsing patterns of users who booked airline tickets online, and here’s what we found.

Travel Tuesday-08

Travel Tuesday-11 (1)
To download the full insight report click here.

With inputs from Shraddha Mehta, Insights Specialist and Sarah Mueller, Graphic designer.


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