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What’s Trending in Cosmetic Surgery and How to Reach Consumers


Understanding your customer is the key to any successful campaign. Insights into their habits, desire, and motivations, will allow you to tailor your campaign to reach them directly. This holds true for the cosmetic surgery segment as well.


Your messaging should speak to the customers you are trying to reach – a new mother in her early thirties might have different motivations to a woman in an older age bracket when considering cosmetic surgery.

Nine percent of men undergo cosmetic surgeries,  so targeting them separately needs to be part of your strategy.

To understand the key trends in cosmetic surgery and the audiences for each, Media iQ looked at audience attributes, and browsing patterns of the users who searched for cosmetic surgery related content.  

See how you can turn these insights into compelling results and reach out to the targeted audiences.

Read our detailed insight piece here- 3 Key Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

With inputs from Ramya Pingili, Insights Specialist.


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