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What next for Super Bowl advertising?

Media iQ CRO, Richard Dunmall answers, what next for Super Bowl advertising?

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Richard Dunmall CRO, Media iQ
Richard Dunmall
CRO, Media iQ

The Superbowl remains a major marketing ‘event’ opportunity for brands, not just in the US but globally too. Clearly the major evolution has been one of singular but impactful TV spots which tell great stories, to a much more immersive, complex and socially supported engagement platform that peaks around The Game itself.

As a result of the depth of insight and analytics agencies can now provide, we see much more sophisticated targeting. This utlilizes both significant micro data (what consumers are searching for, where they’ve been etc.) and macro filters (social sentiment about the teams, offline activity, venue, location, weather etc.) which in turn improves brand engagement. For example, brands can now target consumers with ads on mobile devices during opportune game moments, or send out ads dependent on a consumer’s location. As a result, you now have a powerful combination of signature storytelling and specific targeting to the consumer.


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