Insights Insights | May 16, 2017

Travel Tales: Insights on the UK travel consumer across airlines, hotels and cruises

The UK travel consumer is changing every year. The trends observed suggest that the period from July to September sees a jump of 59.6% in travel from the annual average in tourism. Business travel, on the other hand, sees a spike in online traffic during the months of October to December.

While the average expenditure of business travellers per day is about 23% higher than that of leisure travelers, the duration of stay of business travellers is lesser (about 2-3 days), whereas that of a leisure traveller is significantly higher by 3-4 days.

When looking at the most popular place to visit, London emerged as the top location accounting for 58% of the total tourism in England with the rest of the 42% spread across England.



Our research, therefore, helps you to better understand current and the future UK travel consumers: which are their favourite destinations, when do they book their travel, how do they book across airlines, hotels, and cruise, and what kind of creatives do users respond to the most.

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With inputs from Abhishek Pandey, Insights Specialists. Illustrated by Ananya Ghosh.


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