Infographics Infographics | November 18, 2016

The Winter Voyager

Do you think all travelers love sand between their toes and sunburn on their nose? Think again. Winter travel sans the crowded tourist spots, peak-time travel prices and parching hot weather makes for the perfect time for travelers to head out and explore the world. Festival markets, skiing, snowboarding and mulled wines beckon travelers to explore magical winter realms and travelers not only rely on searches for inspiration but they also turn to the web to make key travel decisions, which has greatly revamped the journey to purchase. These ‘pre-travel’ moments of decision-making are fitting moments for brands and advertisers to capitalize on.

Who are these travelers? Where are they from and where do they intend to go? How much time do they take to plan their travels? How much do they want to spend? Media iQ looked at the online behavior of travelers from the US as well as non-US countries such as Great Britain, Canada, Japan and a host of other top countries. We even looked at the routes they are searching for, how early they book their travels as well as their travel interests and products they tweeted about, and we found some extremely interesting winter travel insights for marketers.

View our info-graphic below:



With inputs from Keshav Parashar, Insights Specialist. 




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