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The Oscars: What the Audience Looks Like & What Their Social Media Habits Say

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The Academy Awards are one of the biggest nights for all things advertising.

With 36.6 million people having watched the show last year, the Oscars is a perfect example of how brands can capitalise on moment marketing. Understanding which of your target groups are interacting the most with which actors, movies and hashtags, give brands across sectors the ability to modify their social media content or marketing campaigns. Consumers don’t just watch the awards, they are constantly consuming content such as behind-the-scenes footage, celebrity looks, red carpet designers and it’s the same story for what they share and talk about on social media.

For instance, our insights suggest that Eddie Redmayne appeals to 18-24 year olds working in the education sector. Beauty, high-street fashion labels, affordable travel, and consumer electronic brands can focus marketing campaigns or produce content referencing the Oscars specifically around Eddie or including relevant hashtags such as #TheDanishGirl #EddieRedmayne will get higher engagement.

Brands can tailor their messages or use relevant ad formats based on insights from consumer devices, including content they are consuming and sharing. For instance, a beauty care or fashion brand could promote their latest line using content created around videos on beauty tips and ‘celebrity looks’.

Our insights have also found that Brie Larson has the highest appeal with females in the age group of 25-35 who work in sales and marketing. This is a perfect opportunity for a travel or hotel brand to tailor messaging to appeal to young business travellers. Fashion brands could use this opportunity to start meaningful conversations around ‘office fashion’ using the hashtag #brielarson.

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What our social data says

We looked at Twitter data around Oscars from the US, Canada and the UK to understand what people are talking about in the run up to Oscars; which actors, actresses and movies have gained the most positive social sentiment, and are likely winners by their social media popularity.

And what we have found are insights on how varied are user’s choices when it comes to movies, and trending topics according to their location.


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With inputs from Keshav Parashar, Insights Specialist.


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