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The Home and Garden Hoopla

The holidays are a time for the British to gear up for some serious home improvement and dig into some ‘DIY ’projects. Although shoppers believe that July and August is a good time to purchase furniture and other related goods, home furnishing sales in November sees a 50% increase, as consumers are seeking exceptional bargains and deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The strong housing market in the UK is propelling consumers to get enterprising with their home improvement projects. The increasing importance of DIY renovations have people taking to the internet to research, as well as purchase items of home and garden improvement, with women showing a higher purchase interest.

There are endless efforts to drive footfall into showrooms and traffic to websites and the absence of brand loyalty in a market flooded with options makes it a herculean task for brands to reach the right consumers. We’ve drawn up insights about home improvement users, their browsing and buying trends, purchase interest and preferences as well as the impact of macro factors such as weather and temperature on home and garden related purchases.

View our info-graphic below:


The Home and Garden Hoopla

With inputs from Priyanshu Gupta, Insights Specialist. 



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