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The Data Effect: Getting a Head Start on Your Travel Audience

Did you know digital ads for cruises and hotels tend to gain more conversions during the night as compared to airline ads, which see greater user interest during midday?

And airline brands tend to have higher user interest during the months of February to May, while cruise and hotel brands see a higher user interest towards to the end of the year with travelers planning cruise or hotel bookings for Halloween and Christmas. The marginal rise of adventure travelers during this period also tends to support this trend.

One of the possible reasons for the drop in the performance of airline advertisements could be attributed to the frequent closing of airports during heavy snows in the months of December and January.

Insights such as these can help travel marketers plan their digital budgets better and enable implement the right strategies to make the most of their spend.

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To help travel marketers make the best digital decisions, we, at Media iQ, looked at the top seasonal trends, travel interests of users, the likelihood of users to convert for digital ads for the airline and hotel vertical, and also time trends on when users are most likely to convert for each segment.

To arrive at how travel brands can optimize their campaign and the kind of audiences they need to target, take a look at this informative infographic.

With inputs from Abhishek Pandey, Insights Specialists. Illustrated by Pratima Vaska.


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