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The Beauty Shopper: Understanding their digital shopping behaviour & what brands should do

From adding products on the basket page to clicking the buy page on brand websites, beauty shoppers take about 15 minutes to purchase products that will make them look and feel better. But the same does not hold true for beauty aggregator websites.

beauty shoppers website trends

On aggregator websites, while beauty shoppers add products to the basket very quickly due to a wide variety of products and brands available, they keep the products in the basket and monitor the price before buying, with 19% of these users buying after a day or more.

And did you know that men and women purchase products at different times of the day? While men purchase beauty products online during the day, with traffic on beauty websites peaking at 1 PM, women purchase mostly during the night, with online traffic peaking at 9 pm.

Beaut shopper Time Trends

With the growing number of outlets for beauty consumers to spend their money on, there’s also a huge number of factors that affect their purchase behaviour. Getting the right message to the right customer is a crucial step to improve sales—but it’s one that marketers in the industry need to get right. See how shoppers in the UK are shopping on brand and aggregator websites, when they’re using mobile devices to shop, and how you can ensure your brand is top of the list.

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With inputs from Priyanshu Gupta, Insights Specialist. 


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