Opinion Opinion | March 8, 2017

Succeed as a Woman in Technology? This Girl Can


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Georgiana Haig and Harriet Cunningham speak to Exchange Wire on the disconnect between awareness and willingness to take action

Georgiana Haig, Product Manager & founder of WiQ at Media iQ

“The single most important change we can make to achieve workplace equality is more diversity on boards and at senior management level. We’re at a stage where there’s been widespread acknowledgement of gender inequality within the industry, with a lot of talk about the willingness for change. Yet there’s a disconnect between this awareness and willingness do something, and what we see day to day. The ad tech world is still largely run by men – just look at the percentage of women on boards, in senior management, or on stage at any industry event. 

Harriet Cunningham, Account Manager & founder of WiQ at Media iQ

There is a gap in our industry between recognising we need more women in senior positions and achieving this, and we need to break this gap down into simple, practical steps. Start by carrying out unconscious bias training for everyone at your company (especially at senior levels), ensuring that senior men are speaking out for gender parity, and bringing in senior women from outside of the industry to see what we should be doing better. Then invest in learning and development so women can be promoted from within the company, and ensure you are tracking progress via the number of female employees at all levels and across teams.”



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