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Stewart Easterbrook discusses the Drum’s Plan It Day event in the Drum Readers roundup

Stewart Easterbrook, Chairman, Media iQ, talks about the recent Plan It Day event, prequelling The Drum’s Do It Day. Read the full article in the Drum’s latest Reader’s Round-Up: Humbled in the jungle. The Drum Network’s Reader’s Round-Up, gives Drum Network members the opportunity to have their say on the hot topics featured in The Drum’s fortnightly magazine.

Stewart Easterbrook: Chairman@Media iQ
Stewart Easterbrook: Chairman@Media iQ

Here is what Stewart had to say…..

Reading about the ‘Plan It Day’ confirmed, yet again, just how inspiring these sorts of initiatives can be. In our industry we have the luck every day to be working amongst bright and creative minds. It always impresses when groups of such talents come together, free from the shackles of everyday routines and structures, to work towards a common goal. The output of combining such diverse talents is almost always staggeringly good.

As well as celebrating such an inspiring day, I think this event also raises questions for clients, media owners, agencies and specialists alike – why are such free-flowing, collaborative sessions so rare when the output is so valuable? How do clients (who are paying for the work, after all) ensure they have the right talents around the table and how do they best create an environment where this sort of collaboration becomes routine?

I believe the next few years will see clients demand more disruptive approaches, more often, to meeting their business objectives and that these approaches must be informed by a better, data-informed understanding of their customers.

Is the right talent around the table? On ‘Plan It Day’ it clearly was!



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