Advertising Technology Advertising Technology, Opinion | February 9, 2016

Stewart Easterbrook discusses the broader applications of programmatic in ExchangeWire’s latest piece


The broader advertising industry is looking on with interest to see how programmatic trading can be applied to many, if not all, marketing channels in the future.

Stewart Easterbrook, Chairman, Media iQ, shares his thoughts on this and what this means.  

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Stewart Easterbrook: Chairman@Media iQ
Stewart Easterbrook: Chairman@Media iQ

There are clearly technical challenges with the application of programmatic tools and techniques to media, such as TV and outdoor. But one of the most exciting aspects of programmatic is its intelligent application of insights borne of data. Often this has been focused around more accurate targeting, or a more optimal acquisition result; but there is no reason why this approach can’t be applied to driving a client’s brand metrics or their customers’ interaction with broader media messaging. So, short-term technical obstacles will need to be overcome and clients will need to reassess the metrics by which they measure success. But the prize is a world of better-informed deployment of media in the round.



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