Insights Insights | October 25, 2016

Steering Your Marketing Campaigns for More Conversions: Automotive Insights for Digital Marketers

Did you know that the auto intenders take an average of three days to convert on automotive brand sites once they see an ad? Or that the average car shopper today searches multiple dealership sites before settling in for the perfect vehicle.

Car shoppers today research online at least 3 months in advance and on various related sites to find deals and get real-time advice. Understanding the user journey and tapping into this new auto buying process has become even more pertinent today.

With the help our insights and strategies, auto marketers can do more than just reaching these shoppers with extremely targeted messaging but move from “educated guessing” to “data-driven certainty”.

You can even download the Automotive Insights report here.

With inputs from Diptarka Roy, Anant Kaushik, and Maneesh M, Insights Specialists. 




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