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Ringing in the Telecom Trends: Insights on the UK Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications sector is a decisive force that enables the development of growth and innovation in the technology industry. The emergence of rapid mobile technology has compounded its significance, ushering an opportunity for wire-line and wireless carriers, broadband services, network providers and even mobile retailers to stay on top of their game while they continue to focus on connectivity.

We found that online interest in mobile phone retailers peaked at the beginning of the year, while telcos saw peaks at the end of December. Searches for mobile phone retailer information also went up by 2.2 times during Black Friday.

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In an environment where change and transformation in the industry is a norm with hardly any level playing field, it’s essential that Telecom companies not only understand their consumers but also how they can reach out to them in a digitally driven landscape. Using AiQ, our proprietary analytical platform, we’ve drawn up invaluable data and actionable insights to help advertisers and brands optimise their digital ad campaigns and increase conversions incrementally.

Read the insight report here.

With inputs from Keshav Parashar, Insights Specialist. Illustrated by Ananya Ghosh. 


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