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Richard Dunmall gives his take on agencies versus management consultancies


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Richard Dunmall, President at Media iQ, talks to Campaign about the encroachment of management consultancies on agencies

Richard Dunmall
Richard Dunmall, President

And so we have it. The spectre-like figure of management consultancies, once the secretive Rasputin-like figures whispering in the CEO’s ear, have entered the agency game.

Better known as the industry-neutral advisor – the minister-without-portfolio if you will – businesses better known for IT and finance expertise have suddenly parked their tanks on the front lawn of the holding companies like a modern-day Cold War stand-off, played out in a theatre of digital disruption.

So, what’s fuelling those moves, and – perhaps most importantly – should agencies be worried? The short answer is (probably) “yes”. Clearly influential, certainly capable, flushed with capital and acquisitive, the consultancy world has long seen what many in the digital economy have been predicting for some time – namely the collision of promiscuous consumer behaviour, data and analytics capability and the new paradigm of “always-on” consumer engagement are all throwing out the traditional marketing models we’ve traditionally anchored ourselves to.



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