Sony PlayStation increases brand engagement with Event Sync

  • The Challenge

    PlayStation 4, a home video game console from Sony Computer Entertainment, wanted to raise awareness of the newly released Sony PlayStation MLB ‘15 video game, and target the gamer demographic.

    Sony PlayStation team at Carat in Toronto, were particularly interested in one of Media iQ‘s products, Event Sync, which enables advertisers to sync to real-time sporting actions such as goals, touchdowns. It also allows advertisers to connect with users at music festivals and cultural events, respond to social activity and televised content around significant events, and build a geo strategy to locate stadiums, bars, public places and more.

  • The Solution

    In collaboration with Media iQ, Sony PlayStation was able to plan, strategize and buy teams to come up with a completely unique mobile execution to promote the launch of the new video game MLB ’15 – The Show.

    Since this objective required a twofold approach; engaging with both live audiences at the stadium and TV audiences watching the game at home, Sony PlayStation utilized a combination of our TV sync capabilities, layered with our hyper-local geo-fencing technology.

    By doing this they were able to target mobile and tablet ads, to a second screen audience, with relevant messaging using optimized through dynamic creatives during three live baseball games (Opening Night -April 5th, MLB Season Opener April 6th and the Toronto Blue Jays Home Opener April 6th).


    The combination of products used were-

    • TV sync technology – We utilized our TV sync technology to target creatives to the ‘at-home audience’ who were watching television during these three events when either a PlayStation MLB ’15 ad appeared or a competitive video game ad aired.
    • Geo-location – These ads were synced by geo-location across the top five Canadian cities, and time zones were displayed three seconds after an actual commercial aired.
    • Dynamic Creative Messaging – We also targeted an in-stadium audience at the Blue Jay’s Home Opener with a dynamic creative messaging that corresponded to a strikeout, Home Run and when Russell Martin (Blue Jay’s primary player) played.
  • The Result

    The Event Sync tactic performed very strongly for this campaign, generating significant brand engagement. By matching a dynamic relevant message in real time with an engaged audience, we leveraged real world activity (the baseball game) in coordination with the marketing message to guarantee higher click rates and awareness. The campaign was considered a success, not only because the CTR beat the industry benchmark, and outperformed previous branding campaigns for Sony PlayStation, but because the execution was unique and flawless – a true collaboration across Carat and Media iQ.

  • Key Takeaways:

    • High CTR
    • Outperformed previous branding campaigns for Sony PlayStation