Hudsons Strengthens Brand Awareness with MiQ Video

  • The Challenge

    Hudsons, a leading Food and Beverage brand in Canada, wanted to increase awareness and education of their beer brand by reaching relevant environments such as pubs, resto bars, sports bars, etc, and also conquest competitor brands.

    In a cluttered media landscape, for an extremely competitive category such as Food and Beverages, Hudsons were looking to increase accountability within the brand space; and were in need of a robust and meaningful brand insight on awareness, preference and perception campaigns.


    “The video insights generated by Media iQ helped us evolve and improve various strategies outside of display advertising. The demographic analysis shone new clarity on what exact demographic is interacting with our ad, meaning we can work with our creative agency to tweak this accordingly. Social strategy is key for us and using MiQ data we amended when we are making posts to ensure the highest levels of engagement with the correct user groups.”

    Karli Anderson, Director of Marketing, Hudsons

  • The Solution

    Hudsons decided to engage with Media iQ for our sheer ability to generate and optimize campaigns based on unique external factors (increased awareness during high interest sports games, etc.) that can help influence campaign performance and engagement in real time.

    Media iQ’s new video solution, which provides transparent, fraud-free, guaranteed in-view video completions, and enables actionable insights to inform marketing channels, was instrumental in helping Hudsons not only provide rich video insights, but allowed them to leverage the insights for the highest levels of engagement with the right users.


    Total unique views: 1,823,958

    • Total impressions served:

      Total impressions served

    • Completers profile:

      Completers profile

      Age: 18 – 24
      (Tech Enthusiasts, Food and Wine Lovers, Auto Owners)
  • The Result

    “The granularity and analysis provided by Media iQ video insights are impressive. Media iQ have created a suite of reports that are unique to the video channel, ensuring a deeper understanding of the data available, which will help in planning more effective campaigns in the future.”

    Hudsons’ team, Vizeum

    • Overall video completion rate benchmarks exceeded. The overall video ad completion rate is approx 78%, of which 37% of video impressions are both viewable and viewed to completion Highest video completion rates generated by:
      • Desktop – 82%
      • Mobile – 65%
      • Tablet – 53%
    • Post campaign reporting generated additional insights on external campaign factors:
      • Higher video completion rates after 5pm on Thursdays
      • Higher video completes for men who fall in the age group 18-34 years, and
      • are interested in NASCAR,  NFL and Golf with a HHI of $75K+