Heineken Achieves Strong Brand Uplift with Media iQ’s Elevate

  • The Challenge

    In partnership with Tesco, the Heineken group wanted to impact consumer behaviour and trigger
    them to buy drinks from the supermarket during summer which is the perfect weather for barbeque and drinks. They were looking to increase accountability within the brand space; and were looking for meaningful brand insights on awareness, preference and perception campaigns.

    Though several exist in the market, Heineken realized that with most solutions the scale of survey responses received would be weak (150-250), and the methodologies used would be biased, resulting in the inability to optimise a campaign mid-flight or get actionable insights.

    Heineken decided to engage with Media iQ to deliver a high impact campaign to a relevant whitelisted audience, in relevant locations and drive a change in beer preference and buying behavior.

    Media iQ’s new brand uplift measurement solution – Elevate, which is specially designed to provide a high-scale of responses for robust measurement and deep insight was instrumental in helping Heineken not only deliver the most robust brand uplift results in-market, but enabled it to leverage the results for deep insights, optimisation and planning.

  • The Solution

    Media iQ leveraged its unmatched brand uplift measurement solution to help Heineken build
    robust data, and get meaningful actionable insights.Great scale of survey responses: More than
    30 visual questions, including 3 customized questions to the brand were designed by psychology
    experts at VisualDNA. The scale of responses received were greater than 9000.

    Brand Uplift Optimization: Media iQ built control and exposed groups during the campaign enabling
    uplift measurement and optimisation. There was a noted 20% uplift in preference for Heineken
    Foster’s brand than for Strongbow.

    Actionable Insights: Media iQ provided insights into campaign performance with recommendations to
    improve future performance by up to 300%. We discovered audience segmentation for the two brands
    – Strongbow and Fosters, and provided insights that explained why Strongbow results weren’t as
    strong as Fosters’. Our recommendation included that the two brands use separate creatives to target
    their respective audience groups.

  • The Result

    Not only did Heineken see a huge uplift in brand awareness, but they were also able to deliver a high impact campaign to relevant audiences in relevant locations, driving a change in beer
    preference and buying behaviour.

    Media iQ drove the highest increase in awareness with a robust (up to 10,000 responses per survey) unbiased data collection methodology, and provided rich insights that gave Heineken a detailed profile
    of their customers and even their competitors’ customers.

  • Key Takeaways:

    • >9,000 survey responses achieved (whereas competitors’ scale of survey responses were 150-250)
    • 20% brand uplift for Foster’s
    • 300% improvement in future performance