Enterprise Enterprise | October 1, 2015

Real Time Triggers -Who’s winning?

A lot of industry articles have praised the rise of real time marketing, and the opportunity for marketers to make more dynamic activations to speak to their consumers.

However, the brands that are effectively triggering and tailoring their marketing this way, are still in the minority. In this post, we explore some of the best use cases for real time triggers for brands, and how analytics can help to make these triggers more informed and effective.

Audience Triggers

Real time triggers through e-mail are one of the most common examples of real-time triggered marketing across the industry. eCommerce companies, in particular, will invest significant resource into tailoring content across key audience segments to ensure a timely and relevant message. Some examples include basket abandonment emails, like this one sent from Best Buy, studies have highlighted a 55% increase in transaction value from users who receive cart abandonment emails.

best buy             amazon

Taking this one step further, brands are also able to deploy loyalty or incentivised offers to existing customers. Recently Amazon have been sending free Amazon Appstore credit to existing customers browsing Amazon from Android devices, a great way to promote a additional services from the brand, and incentivise customers to develop a deeper relationship with the e-commerce brand, as they compete with Google Play and Apple’s app store.

Weather Triggers

A recent Media iQ blog post focused on the need for a brand’s marketing to be able to adapt in real time to weather. A number of high profile brands are activating their online and offline communications

When the sun comes out, so do your customers, therefore Out of Home (OOH) messaging should be as relevant as possible based on the surrounding conditions. An example was Stella Artois and their Cider OOH activation, which only displayed when temperature was 2° C above the national average.

Clothes manufacturer Timberland went one step further, by sending rain triggered content, promoting their waterproof range. Additionally they added in dynamic regional content with the forecast for the next 3 days.

timberland                 stella

Event Triggers

Outside of weather, there’s a multitude of additional factors that can be leveraged to dynamically maximize the impact of consumer communications. Sports events which grip the nation’s attention, also contain excellent opportunities to leverage triggered marketing.

Whilst the Oreo Dunk in the Dark post stole a lot of headlines for capitalizing on the Superbowl power cut in 2014, this still required a team of marketers watching the Superbowl, and reacting to pull together appropriate content to distribute.

A great example of more dynamic real time triggers was from a leading sports computer game manufacturer, who worked with Media iQ to sync the delivery of their digital ads in real time with Home Runs and Strike Outs during the first games of the MLB season.

Our infographic on Media iQ Event Sync can be found here

How does analytics play a part in this?

With a number of different activation points, and events that can be leveraged to inform marketing decisions, how can brands understand to which users they should be triggering content to, during specific events.

For example, to which audience segments should Amazon be sending their offer to? Could send a higher value credit to users who have bought a new phone from Amazon in the past month?

Which user locations should Timberland be sending their weather based communications to? Do users in specific regions have a higher propensity to convert during periods of rain? Will they be able to predict the impact of current conditions vs future conditions for specific regions?

Analytics can help to unlock this insight. Enterprise iQ offers an actionable analytics platform, designed to answer these specific questions to power business growth and enable brands to make more informed decisions across their marketing.


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