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Reaching Out To The Right Insurance Buyer


Did you know that weather could affect the purchase of home and health insurance?



Or consumers looking to purchase life insurance convert more on technology websites due to the sheer overlap of interests.

Does a car insurance buyer belong to the same age group as a home insurance buyer?

To answer these questions, our analysts dug deep into data, and looked at audience attributes across four segments – auto/life/home/health insurance, and found compelling insights.

Our insights reveal that an auto insurance buyer is very different from life insurance buyer, and even a health and life insurance buyer.


Knowing your insurance buyer is key to making informed marketing decisions. With this information in hand, you could be spending your marketing spend in more effective ways- targeting consumers based on needs; finding the optimal balance between retention and acquisition; and reaching all kinds of insurance buyers with the right message at the right moment in their decision journey.

For the complete insight report, view Reaching Out to the Right Insurance Buyer.

With inputs from Anant Kaushik & Arpit Jain, Insights Specialists.






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