Interview Interview, news, Opinion | April 20, 2017

Programmatic: Rachelle Daglis, VP of Marketing, US at Media iQ, discusses what’s next


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What do you think will be the next big thing in programmatic in the next year?Rachelle

Definitely data and analytics. About half of marketers say they have little to no transparency into what they spend on specific brands within their portfolio, what works and what doesn’t – and that has to change. Companies will have to develop or hire the ability to ingest large amounts of data and then translate it into actionable insights – they’ll be the success stories.

What are the biggest changes you think we will see in the industry over the next year?

There will be quite a few to watch. Brands will have more transparency thanks to partnerships with third-party data providers. We’ll also see reciprocal data sharing with tech platforms, giving advertisers access to vast amounts of programmatic data. Those shifts will naturally affect the role agencies play in the ecosystem. I think we’ll also see an increase in computational creativity. AI and machine learning will be increasingly combined with human capabilities for planning and big-picture strategy.

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