While kids, millennials, adults and Media iQ celebrated Halloween last weekend (check out our Facebook page for photographs), dressed up as ghouls, our analysts at Media iQ decided to look at certain trends across four verticals; hotel; fashion; beauty and travel, in the US during Halloween.

We looked at data for each of the above verticals and analysed segment load variations, top geo locations, age and income profiles, key browsing interests of the users and the most relevant URL’s for each and found that the consumer profiles and behaviour  for each vertical were different.

And while one-third of consumers shopped online or in-store towards the end of September, 43.3% planned to start shopping during the first two weeks of October.  

Insights such as these can help marketers better understand what consumers are searching for, their purchase interests and intent, enabling them to plan their digital campaigns accordingly.

For more insights, check our infographic below.

Post Halloween IG-07-07


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