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Planners need to be story tellers first

Planners need to be storytellers first and then focus on delivery”, this was the central talking point of the ‘Planning in the Programmatic Age’ session that was hosted by Paul Silver, COO at Media iQ along with four other industry experts – David Grainger, CSO, m/SIX, Dan Hagen, CSO, Carat, UK, Natalie Cummins, Managing Director, ZenithOptimedia UK, Elliot Millard, Managing Partner, Planning, Starcom.

Traditional media viewership has seen a drastic decline in the past few years, particularly among millennials. Brands and businesses today, are scrambling to find new ways to reach their target audience. Planning in programmatic advertising then becomes even more valuable as data is not enough but making sense of that data and meaningful insights are what determines the success of a campaign. And getting people who have that talent and skill sets to explain the ideal consumer journey, content, contact and channel that will deliver the best possible business results becomes the need of the hour.

Clients today are looking for high value that will help grow their business and automation is key here as it frees up time for better programmatic advertising and delivery. Agencies, on the other hand, need to spend time with clients trying to figure out how programmatic advertising best fits with their business objectives as well as their structure and skills. Planning needs to become central again and hiring the right talent with a combination of technology and storytelling capabilities is what will fuel it in the right direction. What is also important is having the right tools and the knowledge of how to use those tools for effective planning.

To watch the panel discussion, check out the on-demand tool.

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