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Paul Silver talks to The Drum about how media planning will evolve in the age of AI


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Paul Silver, chief operating officer at Media iQ speaks to the Drum about data management, processing, and activation


Paul Silver
Paul Silver, Chief Operating Officer, Media iQ

The debate rages on about how people will need to co-exist with advancements in analytics or how people will soon be supplanted by fully autonomous AI applications. In its current guise, advanced analytics requires smart creatives. Whether these are the planners of today or indeed the planners of tomorrow is a debate reserved for another time. What is key though is understanding and recognizing how people can support these advancements we refer to.

So how will tools continue to evolve?

Simply in three key areas: data management; processing; and activation.

Solving some of the fundamental data management challenges will enable smart creative talent to leverage data, models, algos et al in more meaningful ways. These challenges are really around automating as much as possible the process of identifying, integrating, ingesting and storing (ETL) new data sets which will draw new insights which will be applied to solving brand challenges. This capability is inaccessible to most, better tools will overcome this we feel, thus bringing planners closer to the process.