Advertising Technology Advertising Technology, Opinion | February 23, 2017

Industry experts talk about the types of non-brand safe environments in ad-tech.


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Paul Silver
Paul Silver, Chief Operating Officer at Media iQ

The issue of brand safety is “a moving target” and the types of non-brand safe environments are very emergent, observes Paul, chief operations officer at adtech outfit Media iQ. He adds that while huge progress has been made, the industry has to constantly keep abreast of trends. In particular, “hate news” and “fake news” are emergent threats.

Quite simply, brands must continue to invest in the adtech they employ, as well as continue to ask questions of the supply-side of the industry. “If you invest in programmatic and your partner is not leveraging pre and post methods of detection and blocking combined with committed investment to limiting the threat (domain blacklisting, fraudulent IP detection), your brand is at risk,” he says.

Rob Norman, GroupM’s chief digital officer, explains how his unit opted to do restrict purchasing inventory from open exchanges a number of years ago, as “less bad actors appear on the less-shady side of the street”.

However, he points out that it is impossible to 100% guarantee brand safety when automated systems are at play, and further takes umbrage with what he deems to be the press’s selective reporting of agencies’ role in programmatic trading.


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