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Paul Silver, CSO, Media iQ, discusses Twitter’s launch of Brand Hub with Campaign

Paul Silver, Chief Strategy Officer at Media iQ, discussed Twitter’s recent launch of Brand Hub – the newest addition to its range of analytics tools, with Campaign (A leading UK publication which has a lively mix of news, analysis, features and comment, the magazine spans the gamut of advertising, media, direct, digital and marketing communications).
Read the full article on Campaign: Can Twitter’s Brand Hub unlock its true potential for brands?

Paul Silver: Chief Strategy Officer @Media iQ

Here is an excerpt from the article…

I would be expecting Twitter (and I’m sure they are) to think more about how to better productise GNIP and its real-time data streams in helping brands have more dynamic, timely and relevant dialogue with consumers.

Currently, this is an engineering task. We recently transitioned from a competitive solution to GNIP to power our real-time social insights from the firehose.

Unless you have access to a team of developers and data engineers, the average business will struggle to tap into this incredibly valuable source of insight, but this is where Twitter can be game changing when it comes to social insight.

The next piece of the jigsaw is then linking this into a native ad buying environment (or their own) – something which perhaps is coming further down the line.

This would truly enable Twitter to have a valuable communication vehicle for brands, powered by insight, which is easily actionable in triggering and optimising paid for media programmes. But right now this seems a little way off. But then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day…



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