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Paul Silver talks to Mediatel about the future of media planning


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Paul Silver, Chief Operating Officer at Media iQ speaks to Mediatel about why planning needs to be reinvented


Paul Silver
Paul Silver, Chief Operating Officer, Media iQ

Ahead of an upcoming industry debate, Paul Silver explains why he believes one of the most vital marketing disciplines is in desperate need of reinvention.

“The agency is dead.” I’ve lost track of the number of times I have heard this. And if you believe what you read, the agency is about to be disintermediated by everyone. From technology companies to consultancy firms, to the next generation media companies to advertisers themselves.

Yes, agencies may need reinventing. They may also need to re-think their business models. And they certainly need to re-tool for a new age of data-driven communications.

But what has been forgotten, is that at the core of many great agencies, is great talent and great capability around planning.

Agencies can connect consumer truths with a communication strategy to affect business change. It is still a highly prized capability that perhaps has lost its shine since the advent of programmatic and real-time advertising.


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