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Opinion: How will Periscope’s direct broadcasts impact brands?


Live video streaming app Periscope last week began broadcasting videos directly within tweets. Media iQ’s Chairman Stewart Easterbrook shares his thoughts on what the news means for the wider marketing and advertising industry.

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Stewart Easterbrook: Chairman@Media iQ
Stewart Easterbrook: Chairman@Media iQ

This is a smart move by Twitter. At a stroke they have increased the reach of anyone broadcasting using Periscope’s livestreaming service and have created a richer, more seamless user experience for people on Twitter.

From a broader perspective it is clear that, as consumers, we gravitate towards richer, interactive experiences wherever these are available. This is going to increasingly be in some sort of video format as technology improves and consumers’ expectations are raised. So for Twitter to develop in a way that means our timelines will be populated with more video content makes good sense.

The livestreaming service also fuels the increasing consumer desire for immediacy. And it is only natural that we will want to see, as well as read about, events in real time. From a marketing perspective, this further emphasises how advertisers need to adjust their approach to developing and deploying content. We are now entering an era where it may be that developing three adequate pieces of video content a day is more important than developing three perfect pieces of video content a year.

At Media iQ, we have also seen a huge demand from advertisers wanting to synchronise their advertising to events occurring in real time. This has led to us developing a suite of products that allows advertisers to react to a batter hitting a home run, snow falling to a certain depth on a ski resort or a change in currency exchange rates.

So it is a natural extension of this that advertisers will also start reacting to what their customers are livestreaming.


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