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Olympics: Understanding Your Audience and their Social Habits

Olympics is just around the corner, where thousands of the world’s best athletes will compete for 17 days, and billions of fans will tune in across the globe to watch the game.

If the 2012 games were the first digital Olympics, as it saw over 150 million Olympic-related tweets and 100 million Facebook comments posted by fans, the 2016 Olympics is sure to take digital engagement to the next level.

Events like Olympics can help brands engage with consumers, and time their product promotions with the help of programmatic advertising to be top of mind at the key moments.  To understand who is talking about Olympics on social media, the top sports, and athletes, we looked at social data, and also compared the demographic trends in the US and the UK.

Audiences: UK and US

An event like Olympics in the US appeals the most to two age categories – 18-24-year-olds, and the older age group being over 65 years, while in the UK, it appeals to the older age groups, 55 to 64-year-olds and over 65 years.

And when it comes to career, audiences in the US are mostly from the travel, hospitality, and IT sector, while in the UK they are mostly estate agents, lawyers or belong to the technology sector.

Olympics Audience

The most popular websites that audiences browse

Apart from sports websites, 17% of the fans browse celebrity websites in the UK, followed by 10 percent who browse world news sites. In the US, however, 17% of the fans browse finance websites. This means that sports fans aren’t just browsing sports-related content, and with contextual targeting, advertisers can both create and target these audiences.

Time of day when browsing activity peaks

In the US, Olympic audiences browse Olympic related content between 10 AM to 12 PM, while in the UK, the browsing activity is evenly distributed throughout the day between 9 am  to 3 pm.

The most popular websites that audiences browse

Which sports are most talked about on Twitter

In the US, the most talked about sports are basketball, athletics, and swimming, while in the UK, athletics is the most talked about sport followed by rugby and soccer.

Top sports

Top Athletes and Brands

Brands can take advantage of content shared on top athletes and create messaging that they will engage with. For example, when athletes like Michael Phelps and Jessica Ennis-Hills create records in their respective sports, swimwear brands or footwear brands can target consumers who consume and share such content.

When it comes to brands, while Nike, Samsung, and Adidas are the most mentioned brands on Twitter in the US, Samsung, Adidas, Atos, and Muller are the most mentioned brands in the UK.

Top athletes and brands

Which states are they tweeting from

In the US, 13% of the tweets come from Texas, followed by California, New York, Florida , Illinois , Georgia  and North Carolina.

Twitter activity in the US

In the UK 39%  of the tweets comes from London, followed by Coventry, Manchester, and Sheffield.

Top Regions

With just 4 days to the Olympics, marketers can maximise on insights such as these to capture consumer attention, target fans who not only browse sports related content, and trigger ads in real time when they are most likely to browse Olympics-related content.

With inputs from Ramya Pingili, Insights Specialist.


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