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Of Candy and Cupid: Valentine’s Day Secrets Marketers Must Unravel

Candlelit dinners, horse-drawn carriages, greeting cards, candygrams, roses, ski trips and decadent red wine is going to be the order of the day. As ‘the day of love’ approaches and folks are gearing up to woo their ‘special someone’, it’s time for brands and marketers to court their consumers. From tweeting custom notes and poetry (think Starbucks), to free shipping offers and Valentine’s day contests, brands want nothing more than to establish an emotional connect with their consumers, while retailers hope to set the cash registers ringing during what is touted as the first major consumer holiday of the year. The Love Chronicle paints a fair picture of the fervor surrounding this annual holiday and journals the brazen bliss with which it is widely celebrated.

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The advent of the digital age has rendered a new form of true love, one that exists on the World Wide Web. The day of romance sees an increasing number of consumers turning to the internet not only for inspiration, ideas and purchases but also to advocate for their favorite brands, and if your brand isn’t out there then you’re probably missing out on a large chunk of consumers, who may turn into brand advocates someday.How are brands going to reach out to their consumers if they don’t know them? We utilized our proprietary analytical platform, AiQ to delve into search data around Valentine’s day, and discovered what people were looking for, analyzed their browsing behavior as well as found top keywords related to Valentine’s day. We’ve drawn up some invaluable Valentine’s day insights for marketers and brands to be able to reach their target consumers.

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With inputs from Anant Kaushik and Abhishek Pandey, Insights Specialists.


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