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The Odds at the Oscars: MiQ’s wager on who’s going to take home the Glorious Golden Knight

Short movie screenings, designer awards, film receptions, luncheons, grand galas, musical soirees and a dollop of glamour is underway as the who’s who of Hollywood gear up for one of the colossal events of the year- the Academy Awards.

These awards are one of the biggest nights for brands to advertise, where companies spend millions for a 30 second TV spot. That being said, it spells the perfect opportunity for advertisers and marketers to reach out to audiences with tailored messaging through programmatic advertising. It is also one of the biggest nights for social media, with viewers live tweeting and discussing everything they’re watching on the TV, including the commercials.

This all adds up to many new opportunities for brands to participate in ‘real-time marketing’, beyond the telecast and trigger ads the very moment the anticipation is at its highest – say for example when the top awards are announced.

We analysed Twitter data around the Oscars from the US, Canada and the UK to understand which actors, actresses and movies have gained the most positive social sentiment, and are likely winners by their social media popularity.

Here’s what we found:

Denzel Washington was the clear social winner, while Emma Stone seems to be creating a social storm! Although the tweet volume on Twitter for Meryl Streep exceeded that of Emma Stone, it could be due to the fact that the veteran actress was in the news for a host of other reasons!


*Tweet Volume Score: 1 Pt
Hashtag Score: 1.5 Pts
Award Score: 1000 Pts (Golden globe, SAG and bafta)
Prediction Score: 1000 Pts (Secondary Research Websites)
Considering all the noise on social media, Meryl Streep has been awarded 0.5 pts in the scoring system

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With inputs from Keshav Parashar, Abhishek Pandey and Anant Kaushik, Insights Specialists. Designed by Pratima Vaska



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