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New York Fashion Week- A Retrospective Narrative for Brands

There has never been a better time for brands to harness the sheer marketing potential of events and post-event insights present the perfect opportunity for brands to learn and implement key strategies in their campaigns. Events like the New York Fashion Week with live streams, big designer names, viral videos, fashion trends, famous models and a huge amount of traction on social media make for the perfect platform for brand marketers and advertisers to target relevant audiences. The New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has come and gone but the hype surrounding it is far from over. Social data on the New York Fashion Week makes for invaluable insight as it allows brands to understand what people are looking for, who they’re following and what’s trending. We utilized MiQ’s capabilities and dug into NYFW social data to find some extremely interesting insights that marketers might not want to miss.

The fashion week kicked off at 9 am on 8th September with a show by Nicholas K, founded by sibling duo Christopher and Nicholas Kunz. It continued to instill fervor and frenzy among the fashion community throughout the week and wrapped up on 14th September with Indian designer Runa Ray showcasing her collection, however, the controversy and social talk surrounding the shows was far from over.

So, what can brand marketers do?

Social sync

Social media, especially Twitter is where your audiences are engaging and connecting with brands. So if you’re not gathering, analyzing and acting upon relevant social insights then your effort at brand marketing is futile. Harness the full power of social media with MiQ’s social sync which will help you align your brand in real time.

Tweets tell the tale- an overview of the NYFW

On 8th September Malan Breton’s as well Michael Costello’s SS17 collections gained traction on Twitter as the tweet count peaked at 8 am and 10 pm respectively. On the 9th, Twitterati was abuzz with talk about Tadashi Shoji’s elegant mix of short and long dresses and also acid attack survivor Reshma Qureshi who walked the runway for Archana Kochhar and the tweet volumes peaked at 4 pm and 8pm. On 10th September, model Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with designer Tommy Hilfiger stole the show on Twitter and volumes peaked at 11 am. On the 11th, tweet volumes peaked at 5 pm as Twitter folks were raving about the women’s wear line from Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo. On 12th September basketball played Russel Westbrook was trending on twitter as #Fashionking. On the final day of NYFW, first ever Hijab designer, Anniesa Hasibuan dominated Twitter as the tweet volumes peaked at 1 pm. The social hype lived on after fashion week was over, on September 15th and 16th as Imaan Hammam and the March Jacob’s dreadlock controversy made it to Twitter at 12 am and 12 pm respectively.

nyfw Timeline

From Twitter to top websites

The NYFW saw folks on Twitter sharing links to other websites and URL’s and while some of these included topics such as Kendall and Kylie’s NYFW photos, a lot of people were also talking about acid attack survivor Reshma Qureshi who walked the runway for Indian designer Archana Kochhar. The Marc Jacobs controversy over faux dreadlocks stirred up a cultural debate, making it to the news. It looks like an inanimate robot was also a topic of the NYFW conversation! 10% of tweets included a link to the popular photo sharing site Instagram followed by Facebook and

Diving into the source

It’s also interesting to find that 28% of NYFW tweets and retweets came from iPhones while 16% were from the web followed by 10% from android devices.

NYFW top websites and sources


nyfw URL's

NYFW gains traction as social sharing goes beyond twitter

A lot of people on Twitter were sharing links to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages. 3814 tweets were shared links to Facebook with the most popular pages being ‘Fashion Week News’, ‘Pop Sugar Fashion’ and ‘Vogue Runway’.

The most popular videos were interviews with Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Tommy Hilfiger. Popular photo-sharing site Instagram saw Lauren Jauregui’s Instagram photos at the NYFW being shared the most, followed by Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, no surprises there! 492 tweets were shared from Pinterest with almost 17% of tweets being from the ‘Women’s wear’ board.

NYFW FB shares

NYFW insta shares


NYFW pinterest shares

Target relevant audiences

Bloggers, influencers, photographers etc. The power of personalities in brand marketing is unparalleled. MiQ’s social sync will help you understand audience profiles and reach out to your target audience.

Engaging with influencers is the key for brands

The New York Fashion week took social media by storm and Twitter was at the heart of this storm. The elite fashion event saw a total of 2,09,823 tweets of which 59% of the tweets were retweets. It seems that fashion model Kendall Jenner had higher tweet volumes than the fashion week itself, proving that engaging with influencers is the way forward for brand marketing. It’s interesting to note that 1 in 3 tweets was from an iPhone. The top retweets spoke about Michael Costello’s spring summer collection for 2017, followed by Dutch fashion model Imaan Hammam who seemed to have taken over fans of Jenner and Hadid. Twitteratti also took a fancy to Taiwanese-born fashion designer Malan Breton who launched his own label in New York.

NYFW tweets

The top social trends at the New York Fashion Week included model Gigi Hadid’s partnership with designer Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Costello’s collection for SS17. The first hijab designer at NYFW Anniesa Hasibuan also met with a lot of hype on Twitter.

NYFW top social trends

The who’s who of the fashion community

What’s a fashion week without personalities that add magic to the phenomenon? Most fashion events thrive on social influencers who not only attract the attention of audiences but also provide for an engaging dialogue between brands and their consumers. Marketers take note! The top influencer of the NYFW was fashion model Kendall Jenner who was mentioned in 7,986 tweets followed by Venezuelan actress Maiah Ocando who was mentioned in 6,138 tweets. We saw 2,910 mentions on Malan Breton, 2,026 mentions about luxury travel influencer Scott Eddy and 1,734 mentions on Fifth harmony singer Lauren Jauregui. Tweet volumes also varied on each day of the NYFW with Maiah Ocando gaining the highest mentions on day 3 while Kendall Jenner stole twitter on day 4.

nyfw TOP influencers


Identify trends in real-time

Nothing says ‘brand marketing’ like a trend that’s catching on like wildfire. MiQ’s social sync will enable you to identify negative and positive trends and hence, create relevant campaigns around them.

Brands soak in the NYFW frenzy

Fashion is synonymous with big brands. Brands and fashion publications make the idealistic goal of fashion achievable but more importantly, they play a key role in most fashion events. During the NYFW we found that Vogue Magazine was being talked about the most on twitter, followed by Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Elle Magazine, Adidas originals and DKNY. Sponsors too lapped up the hype surrounding NYFW as 441 tweets mentioned Maybelline, 395 tweets mentioned Intel while 358 tweets were about Lexus.

Top brands:

NYFW Top brands


NYFW top sponsors

Hashtag who?

The NYFW saw an outpouring of hashtags that ranged from popular models to events to designers. NYFW, Tommynowss17, Kendall Jenner, Runway, Spring 2017, Emily Ratajkowski, Taiwan tourism bureau etc. made for some of the most mentioned hashtags on the social site.

Top hashtags:

NYFW top hashtags

So, where was the buzz?

New York saw the largest tweet volume with 39.7% of tweets followed by California with 13.5%. Texas saw comparatively lesser tweet volumes at 6.1% while Florida and New Jersey were at 5.7% and 3.2% respectively. In spite of the tweet volumes differing from region to region, NYFW still remains a global phenomenon.  
NYFW region wise tweets

What we did

The objective of this analysis was to be able to gather and understand the social data during and post the NYFW. We caught on to event insights, trending topics, popular keywords, influencers, bloggers, designers and what the fashion and non-fashion community are tweeting about. This helps brand marketers cut-through during key moments and align brands to social trends in real-time, thus reaching out to the right audience.

We did this by analyzing social data on twitter during including keyword searches and social streams. The time period of the analysis was between September 8th to September 15th, 2016.

With inputs from Keshav Parashar, Insights Specialist.



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