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MiQ Health Sync – Advertise the right medicine to the right patient WHEN and WHERE it really matters

Timeliness and accuracy in targeting make all the difference between a successful and a mediocre advertising campaign and when it comes to preventing, and curing health conditions this becomes even more important.

People affected by symptoms of a cough and cold may find themselves looking online for remedies and drugs that can help alleviate the pain. A simple check on the search index of cough drops across the United States not only shows high seasonality but also spikes in interest and conditions moving across the country, with a high concentration in specific cities.

search index of cough drops across the United States

Some cities are more interested in cough drops during the summer(April to September), while others are most affected during winter months (October to March).

Top cities by cough drop interest in Summer


Top cities by cough drop interest in winter

Today we are launching Health Sync: a set of new advertising solutions for the US market that can deliver relevant advertising to the audience that is most affected by symptoms and conditions like cough, cold, and diabetes. This feature joins the existing suite of Macro products that allows marketers to tie live conditions like weather, social media buzz, sports events to their display bidding strategy.

Maria Cerase, Product Manager, Media iQ

Maria Cerase, Product Manager at Media iQ adds, “For example, Health Sync knows on any given day that in the zip code 19099, Philadelphia there is a growing number of people affected by symptoms of cold. Adverts about holidays in warm places, new double glazed windows, home remedies, cough medicine or hats and scarves may be more relevant than usual and can perform better than in other areas on the same day. MiQ Health Sync puts this knowledge at the service of your advertising strategy.”

Our data sources and partners include CDC and IMS Health. They work directly with pharmacies and health research institutes across the country and provide daily data that we can make available for any advertising strategy.

MiQ Macro Sync Suite

Media iQ connects every dimension of people’s lives, wherever they may be, enabling advertisers to maximize brand impact and relevancy by reaching customers at the exact right moment. Our Macro Sync suite includes multiple data sets that Advertisers can activate in order to tell relevant stories at the perfect moment:

macro sync

We are constantly increasing the depth of our Macro data suite, adding new data sets and also improving existing ones. This is to provide Advertisers with the most enriched actionable insights in the market.

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