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Michael Chock on the Cannes Lions Festival

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Michael Chock, Vice President Sales
Michael Chock, Vice President, Sales, US

Attendees of the Cannes Lions festival of creativity talk about how the future of festivals would never be the same again.

Cannes has never been a conference centred on ad tech, and it has never claimed to be. Patrons expecting an ad tech focus will always be let down. In fact, I don’t know that any of our clients, or any of my contacts at the show, attended any of the content. The value of Cannes for the ad tech community is in the consolidation of senior thought leaders, vendors, senior agency folks, and advertisers in one place for the week. The venue and cost almost ensure that only the most senior of staff attend and, thus, good business can be achieved. This year, I think there may have been even more dissent on the ‘value’, as the conference mandated badges for entry to the hotels and yachts, the most common meeting places for the groups to consolidate. With the lowest priced badge at €3,500-range, it was crucial to extract the most from each meeting to find ROI. With a strategic plan, great content, and having the right people in attendance, you can find a huge amount of value at the conference. And nothing gets ideas flowing like a talking ad tech with a glass of rosé, atop a yacht, in the south of France.


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