Advertising Technology Advertising Technology, Infographics, Insights | March 2, 2016

Meet Oliver – Your Typical Auto Buyer



What makes auto shoppers buy the car they want? Which devices are they likely to use to tweet about their favourite auto brands? In which months are they most likely to make these car purchases?

It turns out that the classic shopping funnel for these auto shoppers no longer exists. The ever-evolving technology and vast number of choices available, have forever changed the way shoppers shop, and the automotive industry is no exception.

To understand what an auto shopper looks like, we looked at audience attributes and the browsing patterns of users who searched for cars online. We also looked at time trends and social data, and arrived at some interesting insights.

With insights such as these, marketers can understand who is the audience that buys a vehicle, what vehicles are they likely to purchase, and thereby align their campaigns to effectively target these prospects.

Click here to meet Oliver – your typical auto buyer, and read the full insight report.

With inputs from Nitansh Gupta, Saurabh Menon & Raghuvir Sreepada- Insights Specialists


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