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We offer programmatic advertising solutions powered by AiQ. Our ability to apply insights in real-time for campaigns is what drives superior results in performance and brand advertising. Within our Media offering, we have a variety of targeting, creative, inventory and measurement features.


26 February

Know Your Audience

Understanding your target audience and reaching out to them in the ‘moment’, is exactly what Predict does.

Media iQ’s Predict helps you forecast your prospective users who might convert and targets them in real time. It optimises user targeting by creating user pools based on micro characteristics, enabling a single view of the user from all micro characteristics, and identifying the most influencing pattern for campaign performance.

Layer Predict over RTA.

Reduce time lag between prediction and targeting

Knowing your customer is not enough, you need to act on the information. And you have just seconds to action vast amounts of information and data. Media iQ’s Predict coupled with real-time analytics (RTA) not only offers speed and flexibility but the potential to gain a competitive advantage by responding to your user’s action within seconds of its occurring.



26 February

Build Custom Audiences

Create your own custom audience and reach exactly the people you’re looking for. Media iQ’s Select not only allows you to be precise and reach consumers likely to be interested in a specific product or niche interest in real time but also allows the creation of audience segmentation based on data that is collected regularly. Users are pooled according to the affinity they show in their browsing interests, micro-characteristics, and geographic location.

Create Audience Segments

Customise your targeting selection

Media iQ’s Select coupled with real-time analytics (RTA) allows the flexibility to use the robust segmentation to present a descriptive audience profiling. It not only reinforces the vision of inspiring through insights, but also the ability to reach your targeted audience in real time, and create contextually targeted campaigns more easily and quickly.



26 February

Create audience-level differentiation

No two people are alike. They have different choices and needs. This applies to the online world as well. No two customers are the same, and MiQ’s Capture helps you understand the differences in each customer, and differentiates between audiences. It tells you who these audiences are and which audiences should you be spending more (or less) money on.

Advanced segmentation for retargeting.

Custom lookalike audiences for prospecting.

Are your customers booking at the last minute? Capture allows you to analyse this segment for retargeting purposes, as well as create custom lookalike segments based on specific variables and uses different targeting strategies for different types of bookers or prospective customers. This means better performance and rich insights.



26 February

Connect audiences seamlessly across multiple screens

Your consumers today are on social media or watching TV with either a mobile device or tablet in hand. Take advantage of this ubiquity of digital devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops – and trigger ads on ‘second-screen’ devices. Our Sync suite of products allows you deliver tailored messages at the perfect moment by syncing with TV, Social, Weather and Event trends.


We do this in 4 ways

Social Sync

Understand your follower’s interests and the topics that keep them most engaged. Track the conversations on social media, and analyse this data to understand what consumers spend most of their time discussing. With Social Sync, you can deliver impactful messages during significant ‘social moments’.

Answering the How and Why

AiQ, our proprietary analytics platform ingests a real-time feed of social data, analyses the sentiment trends and layers this with user-level ‘micro’ data in order to deliver a synced ad to social commenters.

So that you can seize an opportunistic marketing moment and achieve amplified results.


TV Sync

Your consumers are on multiple devices while they watch TV, so your ads should be across multiple devices as well. Think beyond the box. Deliver your brand message on both of the screens your audiences are viewing – a TV, plus a tablet, mobile phone or laptop. Reinforce your brand message and conquest competitor brands. Media iQ’s TV Sync solution allows you to do just this.

Answering the How and Why

AiQ, our proprietary analytics platform, ingests a real-time feed of TV data and layers this with user-level ‘micro’ data in order to deliver a synced ad to TV viewers. So that you can extend brand experience beyond television to reach consumers, and re-engage customers in real-time.


Weather Sync

Did you know weather affects your business and your sales? If you want the weather on your side, to either drive conversions or increase sales, our solution – Weather Sync is your answer. We use real-time weather information (current and forecasted) to adapt campaigns based on the predicted impact it has on your campaign.

Answering the How and Why

We do this with AiQ, our proprietary analytics platform that has a real-time API based integration to weather information. It listens to over 51 parameters to extract insight to power our predictive models and inform campaign decisions.

So that you can optimise your online campaign budget, and spend it only when it is worth it. Maximise sales opportunities during bad weather when your customers are spending time online, while you prepare dedicated campaigns based on weather conditions, saving you enough time to enjoy that coffee.


Event Sync

Your consumers are constantly engaged on smartphones, tablets or other devices, either searching for holidays, clothes, furniture, or viewing news on their smartphones while in front of the TV. When at games, music or sporting events, your consumers are taking pictures, posting match or event updates with their selfies on social media. Leverage this information to tell relevant stories at the perfect moment by connecting every dimension of people’s lives, wherever they may be. Media iQ’s Event Sync solution, allows you to do this, making sure relevant display ads are triggered in real time to the right audience at the right moment.

Answering the How and Why

We use our real-time feed of TV data to sync with the aired adverts. We then combine this with user-level targeting in order to reduce wastage and target current TV viewers, thereby reaching the audience at the right moment. At events, we layer this data with our geo-fencing technology which allows us to target relevant consumers within the radius of activity.

So that you achieve unprecedented relevance and reach the target audiences with the right message at the right time.



26 February

Target your local audience

Your consumers are spending over 2.5 hours a day on mobile devices. And with that, the popularity of location targeting and data is growing in the industry. Leverage location data, and target your audiences where they live, work and buy every day—in the neighborhoods and in commercial areas.

Link Real World Movement To Online Browsing

Geographically target audiences on their devices in two ways- ‘location context’ and ‘location audiences’. When Locate uses our device graph technology, we can link physical locations to online behaviours. Which means, you can reach your target audience in specific locations with highly specialized ad messages, drive responses such as store visits and increase the chances of repeat sales.



26 February

Measure the uplift

Accurately measure and identify a positive shift in customer awareness and perception. With Media iQ’s Elevate you can do this easily. Our brand uplift product measures the uplift in key brand metrics driven by display advertising. It is a unique offering that’s robust, more insightful and provides more actionable data.

Designed to provide a high-scale of responses for robust measurement and deep insight

Build robust data, plan more effective and efficient digital branding campaigns with expert insights, and optimise campaigns in real time for maximum brand impact.


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There's just so much data to interpret. How do you decide to use the most accurate and insightful data to make business decisions? This is where we help you. We combine micro data at a user level to build depth into our understanding of users, and accurately discover the ‘who’ and ‘where’ part of the targeting equation. The ‘when’ comes from our macro data sources where data is not connected to individual users but is instrumental in the allocation of budget in line with the real world, and environmental level events. Making sure you make better business decisions every time.

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