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Media planning is suffering a shortage of storytellers


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Natalie Cummins, managing director at ZenithOptimedia UK, talks about planning in the programmatic age, a panel that was chaired by Media iQ’s Chief Operating Officer Paul Silver.


Natalie Cummins
Natalie Cummins: Managing Director at ZenithOptimedia UK

The way media agencies have changed their hiring patterns to bring in more tech- and data-focused people means planning is suffering a shortage of storytellers, Advertising Week Europe heard yesterday.

“Everyone is a bit panicked that client leads don’t talk enough of a good game,” said Natalie Cummins, managing director at Zenith UK.

Cummins observed that it was not enough to be able to talk about brand metrics, instead, employees need to be more up to speed with brand thinking.

“It’s always been difficult to find people who can tell a really good story [about data], and it’s getting harder,” she said.

Check out the highlights from the ‘Planning in the Programmatic Age’ session here.


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