Brand Safety Brand Safety, Opinion, the drum | August 31, 2017

Media iQ’s marketing vice president on brand safety and audience segmentation


Brand safety is fast becoming more of a necessity for companies and speaking to The Drum, vice president of marketing at Media iQ Digital Ltd, Rachelle Daglis explains their three step system and gives insight on key industry trends, taking audience segmentation beyond demographics and microdata and the continuing expansion of programmatic.

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What has been the most innovative thing you have seen from the industry in the past year?

Clearly, the fact that programmatic is moving beyond display is an exciting change, and the window programmatic data gives us into audience intent and behavior is remarkable. Programmatic offers a more complete view of a customer across channels, devices and now formats.

As a result, marketers are leveraging programmatic data to solve business challenges beyond display advertising. For example, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) this year used programmatic data to evaluate the marketing effectiveness of both online and offline channels and applied that information to their overall strategy. Not only did the Open drive ticket sales, the USTA was also able to tap into new audiences to create a pipeline for the future. Programmatic isn’t just a method for buying media anymore, it’s a tool for generating insight.


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