Product Product | September 4, 2015

Media iQ’s First Hackathon : The Beginning of New Things

On the 21st of August, at 4pm (IST), Bangalore, saw the launch of our very first company Hackathon-HACK iQ.


Over 20 people from Product, Development, R&D and Enterprise joined forces, forming 4 teams with the challenge of building and creating an innovative product within 24 hours. Powered by over 7000 lines of code… 214 slices of pizza… 80 cans of Kingfisher Ultra… 22 Burgers… and 11 cans of Red Bull, it was certainly a memorable 2 days of coding and product building.

We were looking for signs of teamwork; technical and analytical ingenuity; clearly defined use cases where value was demonstrably being captured, and for evidence of teams addressing real problems in the advertising  world. But above everything else, we were looking to be inspired by innovation!

The team projects were ambitious, challenging and questionably feasible. Whether it was semantically determining the content within a TV programme; creating an open source method of detecting fraudulent behaviour and analytically quantifying mouse pattern movements; or building products to learn more about a single piece of content on the web than ever known before, to using beacons to create insight on physical user behaviour, I can say I was blown away with the energy and passion on show.

We want to do more of these. This was just the start of HACK iQ. More teams and more functions and more problems being looked to be solved will emerge. We will bring clients into this, bring them closer into our world of innovation and technical expertise.

But for now, rest assured, the innovation candle continues to burn bright at Media iQ.

Paul Silver

Chief Strategy Officer at MEDIA iQ Digital Ltd


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