Advertising Technology Advertising Technology, AiQx, News&Events | May 9, 2017

Media iQ launches AI platform for planners


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Paul Silver
Paul Silver, Chief Operating Officer, Media iQ

“AiQx is a portal by which planners can access our up to 25 machine-learning powered solutions,” chief operating officer Paul Silver said. “It’s the window into our brain, if you will.”

The platform’s interface is disarmingly simple. It starts with a simple search bar into which planners can type a brand name to see the most pertinent information needed around activation and buying. The tool will also call up data on the company’s closest competitors.

“We’ve made it as simple as possible for planners to derive insight from data,” Silver said. “Everyone in the industry is talking about putting data in the hands of the masses, but that doesn’t work if it’s only accessible by data scientists.”


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