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Media iQ at Digiday – Programmatic Summit

Media iQ are delighted to sponsor Digiday’s Programmatic Summit in New Orleans.


Quality over quantity: programmatic advertising has finally matured from a reliance on cheap, mass ad impressions to a focus on quality connections between brands and specific audiences.

The Digiday Programmatic Summit will examine how brands and publishers are rising to the forefront, the focus on quality data and ads, and programmatic’s role beyond display advertising.

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If you are at the event, look out for the Media iQ hangover kits to perk you up after the networking parties. We have gathered some facts you may not know to accompany the alcohol theme.

Having a social media presence can help increase the popularity of restaurants and bars with Millennials. Younger consumers (21-40) are 2x more likely to utilize social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a restaurant


Digiday image 1 - wineDigiday image 2

Digiday image 3







Younger consumers prefer beer to wine by a ratio of approximately 2 to 1, but this ratio flips as the share of wine drinkers steadily increases as consumers get older.

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Uncorkd – 2015 Survey of Consumer Alcoholic Beverage Preference in Restaurants.


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