Advertising Technology Advertising Technology, Media iQ @ ADWEEK EU 2016 | April 22, 2016

Media iQ at Adweek Europe: Day 3

Day 3 at AWE, and we wrap up on a high note!

Yesterday saw a full house for the session ‘An Antidote to Advertising Clichés and Techno Talk’, where Richard Dunmall, Chief Revenue Officer at Media iQ had a very engaging  and honest discussion with British star comedian Al Murray on how brands can tailor their messages based on real-time feedback and data.

While the industry keeps talking about the significance of real-time feedback, a real antidote for this cliché was that while real-time feedback is a fact, since consumers are constantly expressing both positive, negative or neutral sentiments on social media; a brand always has the choice to hold back from actually using the real-time feedback to influence their products.

And in trying to target an audience they think fall in the bracket, they may miss out on reaching out to the larger group that may also be consuming their content.

Another cliché that was talked about is the creation of short films in TV advertising, where brands tend to forget the essence of the product and create imaginary characters or animations in the pursuit of creativity that do not resonate with the brand.

The session that lasted 45 minutes not only left the audiences in splits, but also was an eye opener for brands who want to do things differently to stand out in the market, but must not lose out on their personality.

With Advertising Week Europe wrapping up for another year, we look at the top trends of the 2016 event-

Data in storytelling – As expected, a  lot of the sessions centred around storytelling emphasising the fact that while a lot of companies talk about data, data needs to be used in the right way to reach out the audiences they want to target. Data will be remembered only if presented in the right way. And often it has a story to tell. And when data and stories are used together, they resonate with audiences not only on an intellectual level but on an emotional level as well.

Data and creativity– While some years ago, no one would think of data and creativity together, with the advance in the digital era, brands need to find ways of marrying data with creative to produce engaging and targeted messages to consumers.  That was the second trending theme for this year. And while, some were of the opinion that getting the perfect balance of data and creativity in a campaign can be challenging but when data and creativity work in tandem, the results are exciting.

Ad blocking – This was one topic that dominated most of the sessions at Adweek this year, with varied opinions. Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP opined that one of the options to counter ad blocking is the programmatic and creative approach to make sure advertising online, and indeed offline advertising, is contextually relevant and creatively relevant .

Others like Bill Fisher, Senior Analyst, eMarketer added, “There’s no doubting that ad blocking is now a very real issue for advertisers. Next year, over a quarter of the people they’re trying to reach will be wilfully making themselves unreachable.”

Brexit – As expected Brexit was another topic that gained maximum attention as executives from across the media and  advertising world expressed concerns about the potential impact of Brexit on UK’s global image.

While Adweek Europe has come to an end, Media iQ will start yet another exciting journey with a data driven approach, inspiring insights and more for Adweek US.


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