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Media iQ at Adweek Europe: Day 2

Day 2 at AWE, and it just gets better and bigger!

The Data Congress which was hosted yesterday by Media iQ saw three engaging sessions and panels discuss three varied topics ranging from data protection, marketers perspective  on data and how creativity can be combined with data to predict trends and build new monetisation models for the future.

The Marketers on Data panel comprising James Keady Head of Digital, Samsung, UK, Angelique Miller Global Director, Creative Partnerships, Expedia Media Solutions, and Daniel Rosen Global Director of Advertising, Telefónica emphasised on the opportunities that today’s  mountain of data possess and how customer experience can be improved.

Today we have unprecedented access to data and measurement tools. But data is no longer the centre of one’s strategy, it has become the customer, added James Keady. And there is a need for great people to deliver that customer experience.

On providing value for customers, Telefonica’s Global Director- Daniel says, “We use a smart network optimisation tool in Spain, wherein it uses the data and network to use anticipatory software to understand when customers are likely to run into problem. It then uses technology to solve the problem even before it occurs, and since it’s introduction we have had a 50% drop in network related issues.” This is an apt example of how data is used to improve experiences.

Key points that emerged out of the session were:

77% millennials are willing to share data but want a uber personalised experience in return @angeliquemiller

To be able to deliver creative which is contextual in nature, and relevant to people there needs to be more innovation in mobile @DanielRRosen

The third session  on The Science and Creativity Formula, hosted by Stewart Easterbrook, Chairman at Media iQ, comprised of panellists like Doina Harris Global MD, ATB at AppNexus, George Prest Founder, Blood, Jo Holdaway Strategic & Commercial Data Director, ESI Media Mats Carduner CEO, Fifty Five, and Mimi Turner Marketing Director, TheLADbible, had very interesting and contrasting views on the topic.

While some were of the opinion that programmatic leaves little room for creativity in programmatic advertising, panellists like Mimi Turner and Doina stated that there an increased appetite for bringing creative ideation to media discussions much sooner.

The key points that emerged out of the session were:

Technology should enable creativity. And in ad tech, data today can be ingested in real time, unlocking the amazing potential of creativity in storytelling  – Doina Harris

Brands need to internalise a lot more skills and competency because data will become the capital and they need to master it – Mats Carduner

It doesn’t end here. As Media iQ has yet another interesting session tomorrow with Richard Dunmall and the pub lord himself, Al Murray.




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