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Macro Data – Key to Producing Relevant Advertising

 “We need to move beyond the cookie, from not just how it works commercially but also how we think about it from a privacy and compliance point of view”, says Yves Schwarzbart, Head of Policy and Regulation Affairs, IAB UK.

While this was one of the talking points of the “Moving Beyond the Cookie session”, hosted by Richard Dunmall, President, Media iQ with esteemed panellists such as  Celine Saturnino, CCO, Total Media, Alistair Maccallum, CEO, m/SIX, Yves Schwarzbart, Head of Policy and Regulations Affairs, IAB UK, and Jeff Misenti, Managing Director, Audience Insights & Experience, News UK, cookie targeting on mobile also gained prominence during the session.

As a recent study from Google suggests, with 87% of users always having their smartphone at their side, day, and night and checking their phones almost 150 times a day, cookie-based targeting on mobile is null and void, which poses a challenge for advertisers who rely on cookies to build audience profiles. Advertisers today, have moved beyond clicks as the primary method of measurement and are in search for the next metric that will make a significant difference. The other topic that was on everyone’s mind was ‘moments marketing’, which has been the buzzword since 2016.

‘Moments marketing’ essentially is the ability to take advantage of an event to deliver relevant and related, spontaneous interactions with customers, in real time. And how do advertisers do that? The answer lies in leveraging macro data, that is, understanding how weather, emotions, social impact decision making. In 2017 and beyond, advertisers need to start looking at macro data as the primary source of insights about the consumers they are intending to target across digital media channels. By relying more on Macro data and less on cookie-based data, brands can not only diversify their data strategy but improve ad engagement as well.

To watch the panel discussion, check out the on-demand tool.

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