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Learn from stand-up comedians – It’s all about timing


Consumers looking for the best holiday packages or the cheapest airfare can take a hint from stand-up comedians: It’s all about timing.

Media iQ research suggests that best day to buy airline tickets is Tuesday, and some sites suggest that 30% of hotel bookings are done on weekdays when compared to weekends.

Did you know that bookings for luxury and budget hotel stays mostly happen on weekdays, and that Sunday is the best day to book  holidays packages?


If you thought that the booking period for airline tickets during summer and winter are the same, you are in for a surprise. Booking periods for air tickets during winter are shorter and begin as early as 8 am.


So how do you decide the best time to make your bookings? Does the time of day you book hotels have influence over what deals you get ?

To answer this question, Media iQ  looked at time of day/week/month data, audience attributes and browsing patterns of users who booked online across three verticals – Airline, Hotel and Holiday packages. Our insights revealed that time has a significant impact on bookings.

Marketers can use these insights to discover time trends across airline, hotel and holiday package categories, and plan for the season ahead.

To download the insight report, click here.

With inputs from Shraddha Mehta, Insights Specialist.


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