Another Advertising Week has come and gone. Here’s a look at the key themes that emerged last week:

AI is the newest ad tech

25% or more of the sessions at Advertising Week New York revolved around AI and its influx in the adtech world. Brands and agencies are only going to adopt AI and machine learning applications in their business more, with AI enabling the creation of new roles and specialists rather than replacing jobs. 

Transparency is still an issue

Transparency is still in demand.  When it comes to integrity and transparency, there is still widespread distrust across the entire ad supply chain and it has become very critical for the industry because advertisers are already demonstrating a reluctance to make buys that don’t include verifiable engagement metrics. For marketers, it has become even more important to be able to accurately measure their ROI.

CMOs should focus on people-based marketing, not devices

CMOs are becoming more technology efficient as they try to build a team of vendors who work together well. There is a growing need to definitively recognize the person on the other end of the device and track the customer journey, and use that knowledge to create meaningful interactions rather than just marketing to approximations of people.

For those of you who missed our sessions during Advertising Week, watch the highlights here:

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