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Joseph Worswick talks to Mediatel about the hot trends at CES this year


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Joseph Worswick, Head of Sales, UK at Media iQ speaks to Mediatel about trends that captured CES in 2017.


Joseph Worswick
Joseph Worswick, Head of Sales, UK

CES. That time of year when the biggest brands meet in Las Vegas for four days to show off their latest gadgets. But what’s immediately clear from this year’s show, is a change in focus; from gadgets to technology. And if brands want to stay ahead of the game, they’ll need to work out quickly how they are going to make the most out of these emerging technologies to entice consumers.

From smart hairbrushes to smart mattresses that help you get a better night’s sleep, CES has once again shown us how our relationship with the world around us is becoming increasingly connected. In turn this provides marketers with a vast amount of actionable data. So, if a bed is measuring how a person is sleeping, marketers can turn that data into intelligence to be able to target that person in more personalized ways.


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